Artistic Residency with Helena Wallberg

Helena Wallberg participated at the residency and exhibit her work at Anca Poterasu Gallery in 2016

About Helena Wallberg

Helena Wallberg (b. 1985) graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Her space interventions and site-specific installations have been displayed in various spaces – academic, independent, alternative – in Stockholm, Rotterdam and Vienna. Interested in materiality, Helena Wallberg questions distance, memory and personal space.

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Infrastructure, 2016


It might have been the story of Ra, the drone who grew falcon wings and that my brother wrote 3 weeks ago.. Or even the smell inside the old jar of honey which cracked when she poured the hot water inside that changed astutely my perception about the place. Seeing through writing imposes a certain discipline, a degree of protection and authority – an authority similar to the one in the beehive. The queen bee silently coordinates the bees and the hive, while the cells of the honeycomb function without asperity – the architecture of the hive allows all its members to pursue their daily activity without interfering with one another, but still be together and maintain the safety of the nest.

The writer or the queen bee arranges her thoughts in the tiny spaces of the comb in her brain. By the end of each day, the “new experience” embodied by the drone, makes her start anew. Her constant concerns, questions and answers personified by the worker-bees keep the coherence of the superior activity in the hive. There are always so many things to do – the perspective of a break has been long forgotten.

The interplay between presentation and representation, between reality and fiction, the analysis of the moment and delaying are visible attributes of the artist-writer.  Helena Wallberg, an explorer of the condition of the creative mind inside elaborate social structures, whether they are compelling, whether they are relaxed, proposes a sensitive project, that tests the perceptions of those who enter her “hive” – she uses confusion, the uncanny mixture of spatial axis, contrasts and microscopic structures to attract the viewer and then transform her/ him in the reader.

ARAC is a non-profit organization founded in June 2012, in order to produce and promote contemporary art in Romania and abroad. The initiative of the 58 Plantelor Residency belongs to Anca Poterasu, gallerist and ARAC President. The first edition of the Residency took place in 2015 and it was financed through a grant offered by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government.