AURORA KIRÁLY – Proiecte recente / New Projects

“Many a times we have encountered uncanny areas of intimacy in the works of Aurora Király. We were given a voyeur status, hiding behind wide open windows. Seeing, we were seen. We were allowed then to remain invisible, surrounded by the others, by their voices through radio waves, by their cut-out words and images without source, surrounded only by that air du temps. Until our next meeting with our own individuality.” Cristina Stoenescu, text published in Aurora Király. Proiecte Recente / New Projects, 2017

RÓBERT KÖTELES, Artist Catalogue

“Collective mental routine indicates that we are accustomed to imagine the world as an unbounded mass crossed by adversarial forces or by items organised as a series of objects disseminated into a shifting geometry. This diversified matter is set in an equivocal space-time and is accompanied by variable flows of minds and spirits able to faithfully reproduce its forms and possibilities. To a qualitative segment of individuals, these spirits or minds have an existence separated from the matter, while another segment believes that these are mere manifestations with a certain grip to the mass of objects and things.” Adrian Bojenoiu, RÓBERT KÖTELES, Artist Catalogue, 2016

ZOLTÁN BÉLA, Artist Catalogue

“Both the object painting and the objects themselves give the impression that they are easily made, with a vulnerable gentleness, a simple and effortless beauty. They are affected without being sophisticated. The object’s lack of artifice is in tune with the straightforwardness and ease with which it has been produced.“ Adriana Oprea, ZOLTÁN BÉLA, Artist Catalogue, 2015

ARAC is a non-profit organization founded in June 2012, in order to produce and promote contemporary art in Romania and abroad. The initiative of the 58 Plantelor Residency belongs to Anca Poterasu, gallerist and ARAC President. The first edition of the Residency took place in 2015 and it was financed through a grant offered by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government.